How to Get the Perfect Wedding Cake

How to get the perfect cake

The wedding cake plays a central role in every wedding and getting the perfect cake is every bride’s dream. How then do you ensure that you get the cake of your dreams?

Entrust it to a professional
The wedding is a special occasion and however much you might want to cut down on costs, it would be a mistake to entrust cake making to a friend or relative if you really desire the perfect cake. Ideally, you should start your search online. Visit several websites and find out how the pros in your area are rated by past customers before deciding whom to work with.  Once you identify a baker you feel you’ll be comfortable with, pay them a visit to discuss the finer details. Given that reputable bakers are always in great demand, it is advisable to start your search a few months before the wedding day.

Study the baker’s design and provide your input
Reputable bakers will have plenty of cake designs available on their websites or at their workplaces. After studying what is on offer, give your suggestions regarding what you are looking for. Your baker should be able to customize your cake to your very unique needs. Do you, for instance, want the color of the cake to match the colors of your jewelry or the wedding gown? What about the shape and the size?

Get as creative as you want to be.
At the consultation stage, it is important to let your baker know how much you are willing to spend. While the cake of your dreams could actually be more expensive than you imagined, an experienced baker would know the adjustments he or she would need to make to work within your budget.

Arrange for cake tasting before delivery
The most creatively designed cake could still fail to satisfy if it does not taste good. The only way to guarantee that your cake will be delicious is to arrange for a tasting session before delivery. Working with your baker, you should find out what ingredients need to be added or removed to achieve the taste you need.

Consider delivery venue and the temperature
Where will the cake be delivered? Is there enough space for it? Shall it be indoors or outdoors? What about the temperature? Answering these questions will help you arrange for the timely delivery of your cake and guarantee that it does not get damaged by heat.