More Catering Tips

Catering Tips

When you give your guests a sit-down meal, it normally means that you’ll require lots of space and this will cost you money. Moreover, serving such guests requires a substantial number of serving staff. You can avoid the expense of the serving staff by offering your guests a buffet. With a buffet, the amount you’ll pay for space will also be substantially reduced and so will the expense. Buffets not only help you save money but are also a great way to let the invited guests mingle and could actually be lots of fun.

Another alternative to a buffet is to have the food served in large bowls from which the guests proceed to serve themselves. With this arrangement also, the number of serving staff required is substantially reduced.

Work with a budget
Whatever you do, make sure that you have prepared a budget that shows how much you wish to spend. Share this budget with your caterer and find out if he or she can work with it. Most experienced wedding caterers will have ideas on what needs to be done to fit-in with your budgetary requirements and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that you might only need to effect minor changes.

It is possible to serve a great meal at your wedding reception without breaking your wallet or making the meal look cheap and that is why it helps to work with experienced wedding caterers.