Wedding Catering: Some Common Mistakes To Avoid

A wedding is a special and happy occasion and all measures should be taken to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Wedding catering is central to the success or failure of the entire wedding ceremony and should therefore be handled with great care. The months (or even years) of planning could be ruined by some mistakes with your catering thereby messing what would otherwise have been a great occasion. To make your wedding a success, avoid making the catering mistakes below.

Failing to fully participate in the planning process
Your wedding caterer could be very experienced and also have great references but he or she cannot fully understand the unique needs of your wedding unless you are fully involved. Since it is the bride and groom who know the people they expect at the wedding, it helps to let your caterer know about the menu you have in mind as well as how you’ll want the food presented.

Failing to take into account special dietary considerations
The guests at your wedding will leave happy if they are served with enough of the food they love. Of course this is a huge challenge when you consider that you might be dealing with guests who have varying allergies. To solve this potential problem, work with your caterer to make arrangements for people with special dietary needs. How many vegetarians are you expecting, for example? What of children?
In addition, your caterer will do a sterling job if he or she knows the exact number of people expected. That way, nobody will be left hungry at your wedding.

Spending too much on drinks
Great as the wedding occasion is, it should not leave the wedding couple out of pocket. In an attempt to make their weddings the most memorable, some couples spend unnecessarily vast amounts of money on the most expensive liquor. A bottle of champagne is certainly in order but (unless you are a celeb) it would be asking too much for your guests to expect the exorbitance of a Hollywood wedding. You should therefore do things in moderation. In any case, it is possible to entertain guests without breaking your wallet.

Finally, it is important to work with an experienced wedding caterer. Having been there and done that, such a caterer will offer useful insights that you might not be aware of and which could prove crucial for the success of your wedding.