Wedding Catering Trends

Wedding Catering Trends and Some Practical Tips.

Weddings bring out new joy and astonishing new trends that have progressed over the seasons. One aspect of weddings are most highly affected by the trends on your menu. The good news is,
There are many couples who can can have more efficiency and flexibility in planning their weddings because of the recent trends in wedding caterings. . Here are some trends and practical tips that fits your budget and at the same time, fulfills the wedding of your dreams.  These tips submitted from our friends at Spokane Furnace Heating Repair.

The Eco menus
If there’s one versatile wedding catering that is suitable for any kind of wedding, it is the eco-menu. This trend became popular among couples who want to hold their wedding receptions at gardens, farms or country estates. Terms such as Organic, Locally Produced, free trade and seasonal have made their way to the culinary scene, and that is why, Eco Menus have become increasingly popular. So in order to start your eco-friendly catering menu, try to pick out which elements are most significant to you. Next, you may want to sit down with your caterer in order to talk about the design of the items on the menu based on them.

Carve at the table
In case you still opt for a traditional sit down receptions, but you feel the need for an interesting twist that would entertain guests, then try this interesting trend: Carve at the Table. A Carve at the table type of reception is an ideal choice for Italian weddings. This type of wedding catering is just the modern version of the old-fashioned roast dinner while giving your guests something to be entertained on while they’re waiting for their meals to be served.

The Food stations
If you have guests who like to move around and socialize constantly, then food stations are a perfect fit for your cocktail type reception. Here’s a helpful tip to make your cocktail style wedding reception a success. First, you would need to sort out the food menu according to the food types and cuisines and set up some food stands that offer a particular type of cuisine. Next, you will need several catering staff to man the food stations. They will be handy in advising your guests on the great combinations of foods. Food stations are practical and trendy in chic and elegant weddings.

The Banquet Wedding
If your wish to have a vibrant and lively reception for a vibrant wedding such as an Italian Theme Wedding, then opt for a banquet reception. Having long tables encourages lively and engaging conversations and interaction compared to compared to having your guests seated in smaller tables. You may serve food on large platters to share food. However, this is not advisable if you want to have elaborate table centerpieces.
Additional Tips:
On how to stay safe and sane within your budget
Planning a wedding menu can be crazy. So here are some quick tips to guide you in your menu design making.
Don’t spend an exorbitant amount on canapés. Having six canapés is more than enough.
Consider the vegetarians. It’s best to have two or three courses with vegetables than to serve them with olives and nuts.
Choose seasonal produce. There are certain Flowers and other ingredients that are seasonal and you can actually save up when you buy goods that are currently in season.
You can still have fun with your platter styled dinners even when it looks simple. All you have to do is to place small bowls of salads or other foods to each table to preserve the platter look.
Next month more tips from a Pressure Washing Company in St. Louis.  I know you are probably thinking how could they know anything about food.  Well, turns out the women of the company is also a professional cook. Can’t wait to share with you.  We hope that these simple tips can keep your wedding receptions fun and trendy even if you’re on a budget.